Who are we

UNOO is a start-up founded in Toronto, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of technology-driven apparels through our premium quality, stylish, innovative, and high-performance technology-driven functional apparels.

We design, manufacture and distribute our products. A direct to consumer model that keeps the highest quality and lowest price possible.

Why have we founded UNOO?

Technology is constantly transforming our world, opening up all the impossibilities. At UNOO, we strive to be the leader in technology-driven functional apparels, introducing the new category of apparels to every household, embarking the new era of fashion.

One of our design philosophies is to seamlessly include the technology into our apparels. Allowing you to feel the difference without seeing the difference. Our products are designed to be suitable for all seasons.

We carefully handpicked all materials used in our UNOO products; from the lightweight materials, the water-resistant zipper, to the ultra-soft fabric that offers high breathability yet is windproof and waterproof. We only craft our apparels with materials you will find in other luxury brands.


UNOO is based in Toronto, Canada.