Quick Start

Quick Start

Turning on

Step 1 - Connect battery to outerwear. Turn on battery.

Step 2 - Press and hold button until it blinks red. Your UNOO will now start heating to maximum temperature.

  • If left untouched, the jacket will automatically set itself to low after warm up period. Overwrite this by going to Step 3.

Step 3 - Press button once to change between cool (low), cozy (mid) and warm (high).

  • Setting will be held when changed manually.

 Powering off

Power off by detaching the battery bank or holding the power button.


Make the best use of your heated Jacket

Two quick tips as the temperature dips. 

  • Pre-heating - Turn on the jacket a few minutes before departure. Keep it close so the jacket warms up. Wear it and zip it up. 

  • Dressing normally - Wear your usual attire that best fit the weather. The built-in heating feature will do the rest for you.