• What differentiate UNOO?

    • At UNOO, we want to bring heated technology to apparels that you can wear everyday. And that means, combining premium and soft materials with latest heating technology. UNOO premium and minimalist design makes it the perfect everyday outerwear.

  • What type of heating technology does UNOO uses?

    • UNOO Heated Outerwear uses a proprietary technology to manufacture and integrate heating elements into our apparel. Our graphene-based heating technology provides outstanding heating and durability while maintaining low power consumption.

      Our technology uses 30% less voltage than other manufacturers while providing comfortable heating and even heat distribution. UNOO’s unique advances in heating technology enable us to use lightweight battery packs and achieve unparalleled compatibility. You can use your own battery bank and size (mAh) of your choice, as long as it is compatible with 5v 2.4a.

  • How do I care for UNOO outerwear?

    • We recommend spot washing but the outerwear is machine washable in cold water. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or use fabric softener. Also, do not wear the outerwear while it is still wet. Always remove the battery before washing.

  • Is this a crowdfunding project?

    • In short, no. The project is fully funded by the founders of UNOO. We want our customers to have absolute confidence in our vision. We thank you for your support!

  • I have a promotion code, how do I apply it?

    • You will find the promotion code box during the checkout process. But if you happen to missed it during a promotional period, no worry, send us an email and we will happy to make it right.